UVPANEL desinfiziert Aufzüge / UVPANEL disinfect elevators

Disinfection in the elevator - surfaces and air

autonomous and automatic real-time hygiene during operation

UVPANEL zur Desinfektion von Oberflächen und Luft
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The installation of the UVPANEL in elevators will be carried out by the elevator companies. The UVPANEL will be delivered in mid-2021. 


The UVPANEL can be installed in almost any elevators. The installation takes place on the cabin ceiling.


Thanks to various sensors with which the UVPANEL is equipped, people as well as animals are detected in the effective range.


After the elevator has been used and is free of people, disinfection by means of UV-C light takes place automatically and autonomously. 


As soon as persons or animals approach the effective area, disinfection in the elevator is stopped directly. The safety of the users is guaranteed at all times. 


Disinfection is free of chemicals and only the amount of energy required is used.


Each disinfection process is logged and can be retrieved via the Bluetooth interface. 

Hygiene in real time and during operation

Most hygiene measures and processes follow a static pattern and a fixed interval. In the graphic, this can be seen in the gray lines. 

This is decoupled from the actual use of rooms. This sometimes results in high germ loads on surfaces.

With the UVPANEL, use-oriented hygiene is implemented in publicly accessible areas and without interrupting ongoing operations. This can be seen from the magenta lines in the graphic. 

By initializing the disinfection process at the next possible moment after the use of a room, and as soon as no person is in the effective area, germ contamination on the surfaces is reduced promptly and reliably.

Real-time hygiene

The UVPANEL disinfects surfaces and air immediately after the elevator has been used or after people have come into contact with a surface. Due to the prompt destruction of possible infectious agents, high germ loads do not build up in the first place. The disinfection is user-oriented.

Disinfection during operation

The UVPANEL bases its disinfection on the operation of the elevator, not the operation on the UVPANEL. The elevator does not have to be locked for disinfection, since the disinfection process starts during empty runs and thus uses every free second for disinfection.

autonomous and automatic

Disinfection takes place without human interaction, so no manual intervention is required. The UVPANEL decides independently when and with what intensity disinfection can and may take place.

UVC disinfection

The UVPANEL uses the well-known UVC disinfection process. This process has been used successfully in many areas for years.

100 % application safe

The UVPANEL reliably detects whether people are in the room or not. Even when they are not moving. Only when no one is guaranteed to be present does the system switch on. This completely excludes damage to the skin or eyes.

Low maintenance

Due to the selection of particularly long-lasting components, maintenance or even the replacement of illuminants is not foreseen in the life cycle. Should intervention nevertheless be necessary, the system reports on its own and tells what needs to be done in clear and comprehensible messages.

Plug and Play

When mounting the UVPANEL, you are not bound to any elevator control. It is mounted on the cabin ceiling and only requires a power supply.


With our technology, you can consciously avoid the use of chemicals and thus actively contribute to the protection of the environment. In addition, during the development of our products, attention was always paid to the longevity and sustainability of the individual components from the outset.

Reliable reporting - always and everywhere

The protocols of the disinfection processes can be viewed in a variety of ways. Whether with our app, the cloud dashboard or in your own backend system, you decide. Do you want to receive active notifications about predefined events or determine yourself when and how you view the results? You determine when, what and how you receive the information and can adjust this at any time.

Cloudsystem vom UVPANEL
without chemicals
Without ozone
Without emissions

How it works

Personen sind im Aufzug und hinterlassen Viren und Bakterien / People are in the elevator and leave viruses and bacteria
Thanks to the UVPANEL, passengers step into a freshly disinfected elevator. They hardly notice the panel itself.
Aufzüge sind voller Viren und Bakterien / Elevators are full of viruses and bacteria /
When the passengers leave the elevator, viruses and bacteria may remain in the air and on surfaces, especially on buttons.
Aufzug wird mit UVC Strahlen desinfiziert / Elevator is disinfected with UVC rays
The UVPANEL now detects that no one is in the elevator and immediately starts the disinfection process.
Personen werden zu jederzeit detektiert / Persons are detected at all times
As soon as the UVPANEL detects any movement or change, it immediately stops the disinfection process.
Desinfizierter Aufzug zur Nutzung / Disinfected elevator for use
The air and surfaces are free of viruses and bacteria, and the next person enters a freshly disinfected elevator.
Desinfektionsprotokolle können online abgerufen werden / Disinfection protocols can be accessed online
The individual disinfection processes are seamlessly documented. The logs can be retrieved in two ways: via smartphone with Bluetooth connection to the UVPANEL or via a gateway (available separately) directly in the backend or in a cloud.

Frequently asked questions

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which spans the wavelength range from 100 nanometers (nm) to 400 nm, is the most energetic portion of optical radiation. UV light is classified by wavelength (measured in nanometers (nm)):

– UV-A: 400-320 nm

– UV-B: 320-280 nm

– UV-C: 280-100 nm

The UV-C radiation of the sun is filtered out by the earth’s atmosphere, all UV-C radiation occurring on earth comes from artificial sources. 

UV disinfection is most effective at wavelengths from 200 nm to 300 nm. UV-C rays have a strong virucidal and bactericidal effect. It is absorbed by DNA, destroys its structure and inactivates living cells. Microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, yeasts and fungi are rendered harmless by the UV radiation within seconds. Spreading is thus no longer possible.

Photonen zertoeren DNA

With the correct UV radiation dose, all microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria are rendered harmless. The dose is calculated from the power of the UV-C source and the time of irradiation. Each virus or bacterium is deactivated or killed at an individual radiation dose. Since the radiation energy remains constant, only the duration of irradiation is different for each virus or bacterium.

Yes, because the UV rays do not differentiate between different types of microorganisms. UV disinfection depends on the dose of radiation, but also on the size of the organism – the virus, SARS CoV-2, which triggers Covid 19, is small and can be rendered harmless faster than a bacterium.

Furthermore, there is, for example, a study from KOREA University, which has researched exactly this.

Excessive irradiation with UV-C light can cause irritation of the skin (sunburn) and eyes in humans.

However, the systems developed by UVENTIONS prevent people from being injured by the rays during the disinfection process, thus eliminating any health risk for humans and animals.

The UVPANEL will be available on the market in mid-2021. 

In principle, the UVPANEL can be installed in any elevator, provided that the cabin ceiling allows it to be mounted. The power supply is routed from the car roof into the car. Integration into the elevator control system is not necessary.

The UVPANEL disinfects indoor areas with the help of UV-C light and renders almost all infectious agents on surfaces and in the air harmless. It can be used in public areas, everywhere where people literally “go hand in hand”.

The USE CASES are versatile, whether in offices, in care facilities, at the airports or sanitary facilities – click here to learn more.

The UVPANEL is equipped with various sensors to ensure that the disinfection process only starts when no persons or animals are present. Should a person approach the effective area, the UVPANEL stops the beams in a fraction of a second. Motionless persons, for example, are also detected so that the UVPANEL does not start disinfecting when there are sleeping persons in the room.  

Yes, the UVPANEL requires a power supply, as not enough energy can be used for disinfection through battery operation. We plan with a power supply of 240 VAC, 50 Hz. 

Yes, the UVPANEL has a corresponding CE certification. 

The mode of action of UCV disinfection was established over a century ago. Therefore, UVC light has long been a common method of disinfecting water, air and surfaces – a method used daily in hospitals, laboratories and factories. The UV rays act on DNA and kill bacteria, viruses and fungi. It is used, for example, to disinfect medical instruments. What is special is that UVC light is also used in the disinfection of drinking water; because now some germs are resistant to chemical disinfectants.

Disinfection with UV light takes place without the use of chemical products and is therefore much more environmentally friendly.

Also, a disinfection process with UV light does not leave any odors, since (as previously described) no chemical agents are used. On the contrary, by inactivating bacteria (which are responsible for the development of odors), the cause of unpleasant odors is eliminated.

Furthermore, it should be noted that in the case of spray or wipe disinfection, the entire surface must be wetted and the exposure time must be observed. User errors can already occur here.

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