Disinfection solutions from UVENTIONS – for germ-free offices

In offices, things are usually fast and hectic. Many people share the space and so there are contact points between employees and customers everywhere. But these points of contact also spread viruses and bacteria, whether through the air, surfaces or objects such as office materials. A moment ago, the employee is still in the coffee kitchen having a chat with a colleague, on his way to his desk he scans an invoice and he is already back at his workstation working with his mouse – a typical case.

Here, infections are quickly transmitted and subsequently spread among employees, causing illness and downtime. This can be counteracted with a virus-free working environment. Our automatic UV-C solutions automatically disinfect surfaces and room air several times a day, while normal office and business operations can continue without interruption. In addition, our UVBASE solution can disinfect everyday items such as FFP2 masks, computer mice, ID cards or keys at the same time as needed in just a few minutes thanks to its flexible drawer and holder system. With us, you create your self-disinfecting office.