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Trimmed for health from the roof to the basement – Germany’s first office Low-Infection Building® with UVENTIONS

Washing our hands, wearing mouth and nose protection and keeping our distance have become second nature to us since last year. A new milestone in infection control has now been set by a project initiated by the Markstein Group, which is setting up the first office building in Germany as a Low-Infection Building®. Our UVPANEL […]

Norovirus study: elevator buttons are the most common place to find viruses

Every year on 05.05. is the World Day of Hand Hygiene. This world day was established in 2005 by the World Health Organization (WHO). The date, 5.5., was not chosen by coincidence. The two fives in the date symbolize two of the five human fingers. The goal is to draw attention to the importance of good […]

World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2021

World Day for Safety and Health at Work The World Day for Safety and Health at Work is held every year on April 28 to promote the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases worldwide. Not only nationally, but internationally, attention is sought to promote and create a safety and health culture to reduce work-related deaths […]

Why disinfect elevators of all things?

That’s what many a person landing on our website may ask. The reason is quite simple: in a building, cleaners diligently sweep, mop and disinfect all the rooms, but the elevator is often left out of the picture. Or it is disinfected only very superficially. After all, who thinks about cleaning the elevator when desks […]

Successful financing round worth millions for UVENTIONS

UVENTIONS has successfully closed its latest financing round worth millions. The Hamburg-based start-up, which was founded in October 2019, has been able to convince further investors of the idea of digital real-time hygiene in public spaces. The new investors include vbw Beteiligungskapital GmbH. The new investor supports startups and medium-sized companies from the Braunschweig Wolfsburg, […]