UVENTIONS is now a member of Life Science Nord

Life Science Nord is the regional industry network for medical technology, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein. It unites around 500 companies, universities and research institutions and actively and specifically promotes cooperation between industry, science and politics. UVENTIONS has recently also become part of this strong network.

“We were able to see for ourselves at several Life Science Nord events that they are attended by top-class participants from all areas and that the participants had a lively exchange of ideas – even beyond the event itself. Therefore, the association and in particular the HIHEAL (Hygiene, Infection & Health) project offer us a very interesting platform which we will actively participate in in the future,” says CEO and Co-Founder Daniel Ehlers.

The HIHEAL project deals not only with new “emerging diseases” such as Ebola, EHEC and MERS, but also with nosocomial infections (hospital infections) and their challenges such as antibiotic resistance and hygiene measures. In the future, UVENTIONS will increasingly contribute its knowledge and experience in this field.

More about LIFE SCIENCE NORD and the HIHEAL project can be found here.

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